The religious foundation "Enno-kyo" has 180 churches, about 1300 bases for propagation, 4200 mentors and more than 400 thousand believers all over Japan.

Its origin is dated back to 16th of July 1919 when the originator had received the voice of the god, and "Enno-kyo" as the religious foundation has been established since 10th of June 1948.

Since when she received the voice of the god, the originator had spent her days for the researches and devoted herself to be "a tool of the world" who acts for others.

During 5 years and 7 months before passing away after receiving the voice of the god, she left various miraculous advices.

Being supported by the core members who closely studied under the originator, "Enno-kyo" had been established with its founder Chouji FUKATA. On 3rd of April 1976, following the death of the first founder, Mitsuhiro FUKATA was installed as the second founder.

"Enno-kyo" believes in so called "Oomi-oya", which is a source of life for all the things among the universe.

"Oomi-oya" is symbolized by the round mirror. Also the founder who guides the believers as the spirit is their belief.


Believers are free to hold any other believes, however are strongly recommended to keep a belief in their ancestors and tutelary.

The teaching of "Enno-kyo" is, as said in the voice of the god, to become"a tool of the world".

Being a "tool" is to work for the society : to show the way of human-being, to stay always prepared, and to try to understand and to show the spirit of oneself, with consideration of time and place with love and sincerity.


Young men's association of "Enno-kyo" has been formed as "Enno Seinen-kai" since 23rd of November 1954, actively raising the young leaders and increasing the members. It was 55 years anniversary and 6000 members were asked to participate the ceremony in the sacred place.

Now it organizes several events, such as : "the united action day", helping understanding and cooperation to disabled children, "camp school" for elementary to high school students, "young member sports meet" to promote mutual friendships, and "leader training" to strengthen and raising young leaders.